Is God Trustworthy?

Anxiety is in great supply these days. A pandemic has panicked minds. Hoarding seems to be the popular coping method. And many are wondering, God is trustworthy?

Matthew 6:25-33 says, yes, God is worthy of your trust! Here is what this passage teaches: (1) there is tangible evidence of His provision right outside your window, (2) it is sinful to live like God cannot provide, (3) God knows and cares about your needs, and (4) if we do not stop fearing, we will inevitably bankrupt our faith and forsake His cause.

“For this reason I say to you, do not be worried about your life, as to what you will eat or what you will drink; nor for your body, as to what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing.” Matthew 6:25

Christ commands the crowd to cease worrying about the material things. Why should we not worry? Are not clothing, rice, beans, and milk important? Yes, they are. But the maintenance and pursuit of the material should not dominate the thought life of Christ’s followers. How does one not succumb to such anxiety in a world that is in crisis mode?

Matthew 6 has the answer: choose to dwell on God. Dwell on God’s providence. Matthew 6:26-30 evidences God’s providence. The evidence is observed in creation. Creation proclaims, “God is trustworthy!” Following are the two evidences recorded in Matthew 6.

Exhibit one- the birds. These creatures, which cannot plant and have no way of producing anything they need, loudly (and rudely I might add) chirp every morning, reminding me of their existence. How do they survive? God the Father 

Exhibit two, the flowers. These fragile plants, which cannot sew or toil and have no way of clothing themselves, are so beautifully clothed that retailers reap a windfall every Valentine’s Day as the roses strong-arm men everywhere. Where does their beauty come from? God the Father.

These two humble creatures evidence God’s perfect track-record in providing for His creatures. And if that is not enough, nestled in-between these two evidences is a short, but cutting, statement in verse 27: And who of you by being worried can add a single hour to his life? What is the point of worrying? It does not change anything? No. And it shortens your life expectancy. No activity is more wasteful than anxiety.

Further, Verse 31 moves anxiety from being pointless to being sinful. This is magnified by verse 32, which states that such anxiety is typical of the pagans. To be anxious is to live like an atheist. So, why do Christians get anxious?

Is it because we do not have enough data? Is it because we do not have enough health? Is it because we do not have enough money? No. It is because we do not have faith that God is who He claims He is. Hence Christ’s diagnosis, O ye of little faith. The problem is out faithlessness. With the world as evidence, we still live like God cannot provide.

But God does provide. God’s provision is perfect. Worry is pointless and sinful. All we must do is trust God. Why? As verse 32b answers, your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. Do we believe this? Do we believe God cares so much about us that He bothers know what we need? While what we want is not His priority, God cares about what you need. He sacrificed His Son for you didn’t He? What more could He give to demonstrate His love for you? God does care and knows your needs better than anyone. So, why does any of this matter for the Church? Because anxiety prohibits discipleship

If we do not put our faith in God, we will be incapable of obeying verse 33. But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. How are we to live for the eternal if we are anxious about temporal? How are we to seek Christ’s cause FIRST if materialism rules our hearts? And should one be tempted to think both materialism and discipleship can occupy the heart simultaneously, remember Christ’s words in verse 24, no man can serve two masters. 

So, we must choose. We must choose now. And we must choose Christ. God is worthy of our trust concerning the material needs we have. Our concern is to be the building of His kingdom, not the building of our kingdoms. Will you look out your window? See God’s provision. See that He is trustworthy. And proceed with the confidence to live for Him, knowing all your needs will be met.

This is a great time for the gospel. While men are groping for hope in this dark hour, give them the light.

In Christ,

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