July 2018

The mission of Kenya Baptist Ministries is to glorify God, love God, and love others, and to do so by reaching Kenya with the Gospel and planting healthy, biblical local churches. Join us today and help spread Gospel seeds in Kenya.

Our Model for Ministering in Kenya

Most missionaries on deputation travel under the banner of their last name and with the stamp of approval of their respective mission board. We chose to do it differently. Our family, the Binokas, travels under the banner of Kenya Baptist Ministries, under the oversight of our mission board, International Baptist Missions.


Our goal is to build something that we can pass to the next generation of Kenyan ministers. Our ministry must have a life of its own. It must have accountability from a board of trusted servants. In the case of our organization, it must be attached to and held accountable by International Baptist Missions. When a ministry is built around its leader, whether in name or practice, the longevity of that organization is jeopardized. It will be impossible for our ministry in Kenya to continue if it is based solely on my name. Our work in Kenya will be a team effort.

At this point in time, there are more churches and Christians that are familiar with George and Lexie Binoka than there are people familiar with KBM. But we are working toward a day when KBM is independently recognized by Christians and churches of like faith and practice as a distinctly African ministry under the watch of International Baptist Missions. The future leaders of Kenya Baptist Ministries and International Baptist Missions will be able to continue to raise funds for church-planting in our absence. KBM will continue to be orthodox in doctrine and practice. It can continue to reach Kenya with the gospel when we cannot. And God will continue to receive the glory.

When you support George and Lexie Binoka, you are supporting and funding the ministry of KBM. When you support Kenya Baptist Ministries, you are supporting the ministry of George and Lexie Binoka. We take a small portion of our regular support for living expenses. All large gifts and other monthly support are used for the operational costs of the ministry unless designated otherwise. However, there is coming a day when you will be unable support the Binokas because our time will come to an end. But by God’s grace, you will be able to continue to support the ministry of KBM. By promoting ourselves as Kenya Baptist Ministries to churches and Christians, we are living with the end in mind.

Maylee Beth Binoka

On June 28 at 11:05 am, God gave us a beautiful baby girl. We praise God for health and meeting our needs through His people. When we took a moment to think about all the meals, gift cards, etc., God has provided through his loving, generous people, we could only sing: “How great thou art!”

IBCS Ministry Team


In May, I had the privilege of traveling with the IBCS ministry team to nine churches in California. I enjoyed preaching more than a dozen times during the trip. Numerous pastors invited my family and me back to present our ministry to Kenya. We are excited to return to California this spring!

IBCS Ministry Team

Upcoming Projects

There are two projects that we are excited about:

We are working with a team that will be producing two videos that provide background on our ministry and personal testimonies. It is important that we communicate clearly and well to our supporters.
Cost: $250

Housing for visiting teams that attend a mission trip through KBM’s Gospel Safari is a need we have been praying about. It seems that God has opened a door. There is a church in Nairobi that owns a house adjacent to their property that they do not utilize. They have offered this property to KBM to use for our Gospel Safaris. While the external structure of the building is superb, the interior needs major renovation to become livable. We are praying that God will provide and that you will consider investing in the facilitation of evangelism here in Kenya. We have already raised $9700 for the ground level renovation. We are seeking an additional $10,000 in order to build a second story that will house married couples and family units.
Cost: $10,000

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