Prayer is often viewed as a precursor to ministry. However, that isn’t the Bible’s portrayal of prayer. Prayer is ministry. It is core to the success of any ministry endeavor. Here are some thoughts on prayer:

1. Prayer is the right way to start. If you are not praying about Gospel Safari, I am doubtful you will come. If you start in prayer but do not continue in prayer, I doubt you will truly succeed.
2. Prayer preserves the mission. Prayer is fuel for ministry.
3. Prayer purifies the motive.
4. Prayer brings God’s blessing.
5. Prayer is how you call for protection. Call repeatedly. We are waging war.
6. Prayer is powerful when done by the righteous. Holy prayer is the most effective type of prayer.
7. Prayer is a valuable spiritual commodity for ministry. Raise lots of it. Ask friends and family. Start a prayer wheel. Post your requests on FB. Do whatever you can to get more prayer.
8. Prayer invites an omnipotent, omniscient God to work through you.

In Christ,

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