Step 2 is getting advise.

One of the most dangerous and foolish things you can do is remain in a proverbial echo chamber of counsel. People who represent themselves in the court of law without outside counsel usually lose. People that are not in the habit of getting advise from others who are older, wiser, and in positions of spiritual authority over them, tend to make a lot of mistakes that could have been avoided. Here are some of the benefits of consulting others:

1. It gives you another perspective on your decision.
2. It will prevent you from doing something that could be damaging.
3. It brings safety. This is an assurance that you are doing the right thing.
4. It allows God to speak through other godly people and verify His leading.
5. It begins to make potential sponsors and prayer warriors aware of what you are praying about doing.

I tend not to make significant decisions in a flash. I have a process. I pray and seek the Word for two weeks on the decision. If the Bible does not prohibit what I am considering, I then begin making my rounds to the 5 men who I consider wise counselors, men who care about me, are godly, most of them are much older than me, and they are all men who will pray. After seeking their counsel, I pray for one more week and then make my decision. All in all, it is about a month long process. That is just an example of the type of process that may be helpful. You may want to employ a similar process. Do what the Spirit leads you to do.

King Rehoboam split Israel because he would not listen. Not listening to counsel could cost you and others a lot. Search God’s Word for His desire in the area of missions trip. What does God have to say? Consult your pastor. Consult your church family. Pick godly people that care and will pray. Consult those who are older and have been on a missions trip before. And pray that God would speak through the counsel.

In Christ,

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