Step 3 is funding.

Money is often the reason people do or do not commit to a mission trips. Money is often the 2nd biggest mental barrier for people coming on a Gospel Safari. In our experience and more importantly, according to God’s Word, He always provides. God never invites you to partake in ministry without providing a way to pay for it. Do not let money get in the way of ministry.

If you are interested in coming and you can more than pay for it on your own way, then great! You may even want to sponsor a few others to come with you.

If you are interested in coming and cannot afford it on your own, there are a few steps you can take:

1. Pray for God to provide. I have never started praying about a missions trip and had all of the money for it in hand. But God has always provided for it through prayer.

2. Ask your pastor if he has any ideas about what you could do to raise some funds.

3. Assemble a list of 10 – 20 people that you think would be interested in helping you get to the mission field. Write a letter about the opportunity of taking a gospel safari,asking them to invest in you going. If you want to see a good sample letter, go to our website and check out our sample letter under the gospel safari tab. You are more than welcome to use it and amend it as you see fit.

4. Do not go into debt for a missions trip. I could say a lot more here, but I think, hopefully, we all get this.

5. You will need about $1000-$1300 for a round trip ticket to Kenya. If you are having trouble finding a low fare, please contact us at We would love to help you find a low fare. You will need $50 for your visa. And you will need $200 per person/week that you are staying. That covers all food, housing, and transport. On Saturdays, we rest. But we also offer our visitors a trip to a safari park in Nairobi. If you choose to go on an animal safari, it is $100 per person to get in. But this is completely optional. Also, you may want to bring extra cash for souvenirs. Both your gospel safari and the optional animal safari need to be paid for before you come, through our website. If you click on the get involved button and then click on the give button, it will take you to a PayPal page where you can pay your fees. Just be sure to type in the memo line (before you submit the payment) your name and the names of those you are paying for as well, what you are paying for whether gospel safari, animal safari or both, and the year that you are coming.

Remember, God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. He can provide. Have faith in Him. Faith is acting as if something is real whether or not you can see it. Faith is not saying to God, once you give me the money I will commit to this missions trip. Faith is saying, God I know you are leading in this direction. You have given me the burden. You have spoken through wise counsel. I am going to commit to this, believing that your invisible hand of providence is a very real thing.

It is amazing how God can teach us entire lessons just in the process leading up to the mission trip. We cannot wait to hear the stories of how God provided for your Gospel Safari.

In Christ,

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