Step 9 is goodbye.

And just like that, before you know it, the Gospel Safari will be over. It is time to say good-bye. But before you leave, here are some tips about your trip back.

You will get to the Nairobi airport far ahead of your departure. That is because traffic is heavy going toward the airport, and getting to your gate can take two hours or more depending on busyness. Once in the airport, please do not exit the terminal.

On the flight back, we hope that you can rest. If you cannot, we pray that your would use the time to retreat with the Savior for an extended period. Pray for us on the flight back. And do not forget to drink lots of water and walk for 5-10 mins every hour.

When life gets back to normal, don’t forget to wear your gospel safari shirt and tell everyone you know about what God did in Kenya through you. If you benefited from the trip, tell your friends and family about it. Praise God in your Gospel Safari testimonies.

If something spectacular happened on this trip, we would love to post your story on our website and social media accounts. You can write your Gospel Safari testimony and send it to us at

Thank you for having an eternal mindset. Thank you for being interested in Gospel Safari. God Bless!

In Christ,

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