H1 Headlines Recurring Quickly in the Pages

h2 Random Headers are Going to be This

h3 One-Time Comin’ ‘Round the Cohnah

h4 This is Indeed Another One

h5 Hopefully Not Way Too Small G
h6 This is the Smallest H We Have

Lorem ipsum body copy listen, when they’re offering “quick and cheap,” that’s what you’re going to get because that is the value they’re offering you. If you want “good”—that is, if you really want your logo to accurately and powerfully communicate who you are to the people you’re trying to attract—you have to go to the designer who’s offering “good” as the value of what they’re doing. (And, again, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg!) If cost represents value, and wage represents skill, the cheapest possible option is usually the cheapest for a reason. Don’t miss this fact: “cheap” is the value of an inexpensive product. It’s cheap.

That is its value. So, you can’t expect to find “good” when you’re looking for “cheap.” “Good” is a value that’s provided by the “good” product.

Now, that doesn’t mean that your logo design needs to cost a fortune. Not at all. In fact, in our experience, the “good” logo design options typically start at about 150% percent of the cost of the “cheap” options. And if the “cheap” options generally start in the neighborhood of $200-$300 no matter where you go, why risk paying for your logo twice because you’re getting it redesigned 6 months later?